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I don't see a menu...

Menu's are not available daily, only meal prep orders can be palced daily. Menu's are limited to certain days and have limited availability. Please be sure to subscribe and follow us on social media to keep up with all of our exclusive menu drops. 

What's included in Meal Prep ?

Our meal prep plans are based off of a one-week period. You will receive 10 meals over a 5-day period or 15 meals. You can choose to have 2 meals daily or 3 meals daily. All packaging containers and groceries are included. 

Can I order in advance ?

Of course, you may choose a date to have your meals picked up or delivered in advanced.

Do you deliver anywhere for meal prep?

Yes, however the site is set to a 20-mile radius within Atlanta and the surrounding areas, a separate invoice will be billed for anyone outside of this radius for shipping costs as it may differ.

How do I store my meal prep?

It is best advised to freeze half of your meals and refrigerate half. 

Check Order Status ?

Once your order is confirmed you will receive an email with your order confirmation, you can track your progress from there.


You may reach out to us via email or text through our "Contact" page and one of our team members will assist in changing pick-up or delivery time. Please note for pick-ups we offer a 15-minute grace period before we reschedule.

Refunds and Cancellation?

All sales are final. There are no refunds or cancellations.

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